A new dashboard section for referred candidates!

In many cases, hiring managers prefer to be informed about major activities in the career portal. One of these cases is the referred candidates’ activities, which applies not only to the hiring managers but to other roles and users as well. So we have added a widget to the Employee Dashboard (job seeker dashboard) to display:

  1. His/her referrals + referrals made on behalf of the logged-in user (from source candidate)
  2. The title of this widget is “Your Referrals”
  3. The columns will be:
  • Requested Date
  • Referral Name
  • Added By → this will have two options:

–  You → in case the candidate was referred by the logged-in user

–   [Employee Name] → in case the referral was made on behalf of the logged-in user.

  • Referred for
  • Referral Status
  • Actions


This applies to clients that have the internal referrals module enabled.

How it Works:


  1. Login to your employer account
  2. Go to “Candidates“ 
  3. Add a candidate then “Add as an internal candidate“.
  4. Choose “Internal Referral Employee“, then Choose a user.
  5. Add this candidate.
  6. Login with that user
  7. Go to the Job-Seeker Dashboard.
  8. Check the “Your Referrals“ widget.

       And you are done!