5 Traits Of A Great Recruiter


Recruitment is an extremely competitive domain- catering to new challenges, ever-changing client demands, and spotting the best talent is a process that takes time to master.To make the steep learning curve less of an uphill battle, we rounded up our list of essential 5 traits to develop and polish to help you excel at recruitment, connect with leading talent, win new clients and build a stellar reputation amongst peers.


Ready to champion talent acquisition? Let’s start:


1. Be A Good Listener:

It’s easy to listen with the intent to respond versus an intent to understand. This is a crucial trait that differentiates outstanding recruiters from the rest because attentive listening helps smartly  identify the value prospective talent can contribute to bridge existing skill gaps.

Listening builds rapport; the genuine feeling of being invested in as a viable resource leaves the talent engaged with a sense of accomplishment of having built a long-term relationship. Ultimately, incredible hiring relies on deep connections and not shallow exchanges to ensure that the candidate is the right fit for the position and the company culture- thus, listen attentively to help both the candidate and the business align their priorities.


2. Use The Right Technology:

The hiring landscape has changed drastically over the years. For every job ad posted online, recruiters start their workday by signing into swarmed inboxes with hundreds of applicants waiting to be screened, interviewed and hired (not counting the additional stacks of resumes received at job and career fairs). This intense, time-consuming and recurring exercise is exactly why recruiters need a powerful applicant tracking system such as Talentera as a non-negotiable weapon of mass productivity for effective workflow management.


An almost guaranteed path to quick wins, recruiters benefit from unbeatable efficiency in talent acquisition and candidate engagement with sleek shortlisting tools, measurable results, budget management modules, team collaboration flexibility and more, in addition to keeping applicants aware of their application status to save them the hassle of frequent follow-ups. Recruitment optimization is no longer a want but a necessity to attract the right talent- remember to tap into the potential of a brilliant ATS to watch your recruitment success rates skyrocket.


3. Nurture Potential:

Instead of always seeking perfection, learn to polish your diamonds in the rough. With phenomenal potential to offer, some candidates and job seekers have the right skills but struggle with interviewing skills or pitching their competencies in the most persuasive manner. Having an eye for these underdogs is pivotal to spearhead performance targets; supporting applicants with the right advice and pep talk can boost their self-confidence, in turn acquiring employees for your client with strong work ethic, contagious self-belief and overall vigor.


4. Target Driven:


Once you’re done learning the ropes of recruitment, the next stage is meeting (and exceeding) your  targets. A goal-oriented recruiter always has ample prospects in the pipeline to cater to current client requirements, in addition to setting themselves for success for the next month as well. Almost always operating with a sense of urgency, their recruitment strategy focuses on adhering to ambitious personal deadlines to avoid getting bogged down under pressure.



It’s not unusual for recruiters to be trusted with the task of filling multiple vacancies simultaneously. This ability to cast a wide net that brings in exceptional talent from across different fields with varying skill sets at a swift pace makes multitasking and time management an imperative trait to succeed in recruitment.

Fortunately, this objective is easy to accomplish with the support of a smart applicant tracking system like Talentera which makes catering to multiple requisition requests seamless with a broad range of features including diverse CV filters to expedite smart shortlisting, virtual folders to keep your prospects organized, detailed quantified snapshots of candidates in various stages of the recruitment funnel, and more.



There you have it- recruitment excellence is a combination of thinking ahead, staying alert, building relationships and always finding ways to self-improve, meanwhile using the right technology to perfect your candidate acquisition strategy to consistently deliver value to clients and employers for utmost satisfaction.

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