5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Career Site


Your company’s careers website is like your store’s window display- you want to make sure that it’s as irresistible as possible to ensure that visitors can’t leave without dropping their CVs! With 91% of job seekers immediately losing interest in companies with poorly managed online presence, and cell phones practically being an extension to human hands, having a mobile-friendly careers website has become a non-negotiable necessity.


Still skeptical about taking your careers page mobile? Not a problem- with 9 out of 10 job seekers in the UAE finding jobs online, we’ve researched some incentives to help convince you to claim your seat as a viable employer brand by strategically using mobile technology in 2018.



1) Take your candidate experience to the next level:

Did you know that 89% of job seekers think mobile devices play a critical role in the job hunting process? Your target audience is busy, always on-the-go and wantsto stay efficient using their devices. Having a mobile optimized careers website with a beautifully designed interface will allow them to satisfy all these needs and more!


Enabling candidates to register, submit their CVs, read blog updates, and keep up with new vacancy announcements without requiring desktop access does not only liberate your audience, but helps expand your talent pool. Also, using your mobile-friendly page will provide the crucial advantage of outperforming competitors so that you can stop worrying about ever losing talent due to a technology based weakness. What a win win!


2) Improve your search rankings and online visibility: 

Gaining exposure to a wider audience will drive traffic to your website and reap you the benefits of powerful employer branding. With

 every visitor that lands on your mobile careers page, you gain an opportunity to highlight your exciting culture, wonderful diversity, or even showcase your community involvement to mark yourself as a thoughtful business leader.


Candidates are always looking for hints to determine their alignment with a company’s values- going mobile will help you leave a much larger mark on prospects and give your web visibility a tremendous boost. (P.S.- mobile optimized career websites also do wonders to improve your SEO rankings).


3) Stay in touch with your talent:

Providing job seekers with amazing content to read or view is great to spearhead engagement, no one wants to bore their audience. Having a mobile-friendly careers page can help you take steps to ensure that you can encourage repeat visits by enabling sign up for job alerts and company news developments. 


Using newsletters, email digests, or even text updates, a simple opt-in form can give you the edge of consistently growing traffic and an engaged audience. This way, your relationship with talent will enjoy long-term sustainability instead of being a low impact one-time communication.


4) Start measuring your success using analytics:

It’s time to leverage the power of analytics to identify your most effective talent sources. Monitoring traffic volume will enable you to keep track of essential recruitment metrics. How? It’s simple.

For example, you can compare the visitor volume viewing your page via mobile or desktop devices, or even measure the number of completed applications to truly know which platform is your targeted audience most comfortable using to pursue their job search.


5) Mobile technology is the future:

As the trends indicate, mobile technology is the undisputed go-to platform for job seekers to explore employers, apply for jobs, and keep in touch with recruiters. From apps to instant CV capturing tools to the surge in video interviewing practices, businesses must keep up to avoid causing long-term damage to their hiring activity.


Mobile optimized websites have a strong reputation for being more user-friendly, and allow quick sharing of information on social media platforms so that you can draw more eyes to your vacancies without having to rely on pricey headhunters.



Key Takeaways

With mobile taking the lead in user volume over desktop, there’s no sign of it slowing down its momentum anytime soon. Having a mobile optimized careers website will open your doors to a new world of talent and hiring opportunities that meet your standards without having to compromise on efficiency or even adding to your costs. Raise your employer brand to new heights of success by focusing on an amazing user experience (UX), job seeker focused content, and test meaningful ways to not just initiate but continue communication using new job alerts, news updates and more.

Get ready to connect and engage with your audience on the small screen- your recruitment ROI will thank you for the shift.


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