3 Ways to Expand Your Candidate Network: 2019 Recruitment Insights

Hiring puts a lot of pressure on recruiters in today’s metric-driven landscape. Filling critical gaps within the company requires proactive versus reactive efforts- thus, consistently working to diversify your talent pool is the most reliable way to speed up recruitment.


Sourcing talent can be a challenge for companies still using outdated processes. This is because the secret to driving scalable business growth is empowering recruiters with a state-of-the-art applicant tracking system that provides a competitive advantage in all areas from compliance to outstanding candidate experience.


What’s surprising is that despite the abundance of technology available for organizations to streamline recruitment, the lack of efforts to upgrade hiring tools is leading to significant suffering across HR divisions:


1) Average time-to-hire is leading to 27 days of lost productivity:

Most companies believe in initiating talent scouting when a vacancy becomes available (instead of building a steady prospect pipeline to tap into as a regular practice). This leads to stressed recruiters and missed targets; in fact, 45% of headhunters face difficulty in finding the right candidates to close positions in a confident manner.


Moreover, the average time-to-hire currently stands at a whopping 27 days which means that businesses lose a month of output because of their inability to connect with the right talent in a shorter timeline.


Investing in an ATS that provides your company with a branded career portal is the gateway to exponential faster recruitment. Using an inbound strategy, recruiters can benefit from having prospects come to them, instead of them going on the cumbersome mission to find talent on the search for new jobs. Removing the hassles of wasted time and efforts involving unanswered emails and phone calls, compromised candidate quality, and dread of a talent shortage- a customized careers portal puts businesses on the fast track to exceptional hiring quality.


Offering features such as quick CV submission, and using recruitment marketing to promote their company culture, a dedicated career pages helps relieve your recruiters from the panic associated with weak talent pipelines in a jiffy.


2) Recruiters need support to outperform the competition:

74% of recruiters believe that hiring in 2019 will bring more competition related obstacles to their workload. This is an area where an ATS such as Talentera delivers a strong competitive edge to employers by enhancing candidate sourcing from a widespread range of channels. Whether you want to work with recruitment agencies to increase you range of candidates, or want to advertise your positions on external job boards- this convenience helps go beyond direct sourcing and referrals to make your job posts visible on a much larger scale.


Promoting on free and paid job boards helps fill positions quickly by taking away the need for your recruiters to share the jobs on every platform one-at-a-time. Candidate profiles can still be stored, managed and tracked from within the ATS so your team can keep going through the CVs till they find the best candidate for the role.

3) Consider adopting video assessments to speed up hiring:

An estimated 60% of hiring managers and recruiters are using video interviewing software to attract more talent, and accelerate hiring. In fact, a survey of 506 companies showed that 47% used video interviewing to cut their hiring timeframes short. Providing access to out-of-state and international job seekers, eliminating interview scheduling hassles, and introducing bias free hiring as a norm- there’s an abundance of advantages that employers gain from video based recruitment.

A video recruitment solution such as Evalufy is a great technology to boost your employer brand, and join the ranks of industry titans known for best industry hiring practices. Job seekers love the freedom of recording responses to interview questions at a time that best fits into their schedule, and recruiters can also part ways with troublesome  candidate no shows and hosting expenses.


That’s not all- video assessments also allow fast evaluation, deliver deeper insights, and capture the candidate’s interest effectively so recruiters can exercise confident candidate selection without second guessing their judgement.



Streamlining hiring is not only important to meet department targets, but also support business growth, recruitment standards, and improve your connection with your candidate network. By opening doors to more applicants to try their luck at launching their career at your organization, not only can you beat the competition, but also foster better relationships with job seekers so your talent pool continues to flourish.


Also, by prioritizing a comfortable interviewing experience, your recruiters can enjoy 6 times faster hiring efficiency versus traditional phone interviews so they can set the industry’s new gold standard- checkmate.