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Introducing our New Feature – Emails Management.

Recruiters and HR managers often came to a crosse a lot of different scenarios where they change come parts of the […]

Say Hello to the New Easy Apply Feature!

Long & complex job application processes are a major reason for low application volumes for a job. When job seekers need […]

Better insights about the actions on Job linked CVs!

Recruiters tend to keep an eye on CV activities and actions. In case the action was taken from the job applicants […]

New onboarding actions for CVs in smart rules.

When recruiters move candidates to the onboarding stage, they sometimes prefer to send theme an email to begin the onboarding process. […]

Disable auto-sharing for confidential jobs !

Previously we have made job sharing easier for recruiters by creating an AutoShare feature, which will allow recruiters to share the […]

Say Hello to the New Digital Signing Feature!

During the hiring process, recruiters will share some documents with the candidate like the offer letter, for acceptance. In the offline […]

Reject an approved internal user with one click!

Sometimes, in day to day work, the recruiters decide to reject a user that has already been approved in the internal […]

New drafting features for requisition and hiring approval!

It is very common for recruiters to get a few preparations done before acquiring new talent, such as drafting hiring approvals […]

Save time and effort and update your budget with one upload!

Previously, when a recruiter or HR manager wants to update the budgeted job profiles for terminated users, he/she must go through […]