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Automate new actions once the hiring approval is approved!

Sometimes, recruiters prefer to automate their day to day work if they have a chance to do so, especially if there […]

Save your job searches with one click!

Recruiters, through their day to day jobs, tend to search through jobs in the job folder, and look for a certain […]

Application Source Feature.

Recruiters and HR managers make decisions based on reporting data such as source data; registration, CV, or application source. Reports and […]

Easily move job profiles between divisions when editing a job post!

Sometimes recruiter edit job posts, change job specifications or load a new job profile while choosing different divisions each time as […]

Introducing our brand new requisition and hiring approval settings experience.

Previously HR managers and admins used to set up rules for requisition and hiring approval, in a page that would make […]

Control Edit Access in your Forms!

There are many cases where recruiters and HR managers prefer to set certain data as read-only for many reasons, one of […]

Introducing Job Descriptions Upload.

Sometimes, recruiters must upload a stack of templates, or data to the system, whether they subscribed recently to talentera, or even […]

A new dashboard section for referred candidates!

In many cases, hiring managers prefer to be informed about major activities in the career portal. One of these cases is […]

Introducing our New Feature – Emails Management.

Recruiters and HR managers often came to a crosse a lot of different scenarios where they change come parts of the […]