Get to full-throttle recruitment productivity & build a top-class workforce

Super-charge hiring processes across your organization with powerful recruitment tools

Streamline your processes

From issuing a requisition, to advertising a vacancy, and from getting the first applicant down to sending the offer letter, Talentera takes care of your process, so that you can focus on what's most important: hiring.

Recruit faster as a team

With a larger recruitment team, collaborative tools become essential. Talentera allows recruiters to share everything that's important, whether its a CV, job posting, a note or a questionnaire: share-ability is our core pillar.

Leverage powerful tools

Talentera provides a broad set of tools to help you to do more with less. Annotate or enrich profiles with easy-to-scan tags, notes, evaluation forms and attachments. Organize CVs of interest into Folders. Schedule interviews straight from the system. All this with a intuitive user experience.

Drive Corporate Branding

How you position yourself as an employer of choice is an important part of your talent acquisition strategy. Talentera's Applicant Tracking System helps you design an impressive candidate experience which keeps visitors engaged.

Invite External Recruiters

At Talentera, we believe working with external recruiters should be seamless. Involve individuals or recruitment agencies by providing them a dedicated interface to submit and track referrals.

Go Mobile.

Set your recruiters free from their desktops. Our simple mobile app allows the team to keep them informed about incoming applicants in real-time, even when they are on the move.

Is your organization ready to take their recruitment to the next level?

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Recruitment Features for Enterprise Customers

Requisitions & Hiring Management

Let your recruitment solution manage your requisition processes as well. Create requisitions, assign approval lists and ensure the team opens positions based on approved requisitions. Also, solicit and record explicit approvals from line managers on hires before dispatching offer letters. Document everything and even keep the auditors happy.

Candidate Screening & Evaluation

Employ sophisticated tools to assess candidates. Use auto-screen filters to systematically siphen off irrelevant candidates per job posting. Use internal evaluation forms or send questionnaires or exams to test candidate knowledge. Use objective data to make smarter hires.

Interview Scheduling

Avoid needless overhead while coordinating interviews with candidates over emails. Make life simple by creating an interview description, selecting time slots you are free and simply inviting candidates to the interview. The system sends confirmations that sync with your calendar. It's simple.

Automate Talent Mobility

Talentera caters to corporations that encourage internal talent mobility as well. Want to solicit internal candidate applications first, before making a job public to all? Not a problem.