What’s New at Talentera?


Too much on your to-do list, yet never enough time to accomplish it all? We hear you. We (currently) haven’t figured out time travel science to help you conquer those dreaded deadlines, but us folks at Talentera have conjured the next best alternative to support the cause.

What We Observed

Tired of playing hide-and-seek with the interface options? Does that one button you’re looking for always disappear the minute you seem to need it the most? Can’t seem to recall where to find a particular feature without going down the trial-and-error boulevard? Don’t worry, through careful brain-storming, planning, and copious levels of caffeine, here’s what the new and improved Talentera has to offer:




1) Effortless Navigation



The revamped master navigation menu and dashboard is not only easy on the eyes, but also offers a one-click solution to your recruitment needs.

All related functions have been grouped together under clearly marked categories so that there is no need for guessing. Searching for CVs? Go straight to “Find Talent”. Curious about pending approvals? Click on “Hiring Approvals”.

The drop down option will provide the user with appropriate choices to choose from so that there is no confusion or need for search-missions to execute a command, also making it convenient for your new hires to master the system with minimal supervision.




2) Exciting User Interface



The interface has received a comprehensive face lift to give it a clean, sleek and attractive feel that would not only enhance the user experience, but represent our commitment to providing quality design and innovation that matches our client’s expectations. SO yes, Talentera functions AND looks better? Win-win.




3) Focused Task and Inbox Management


msg Focused-Task-Management

The Task and Message feature has been built into the universal header so that you do not lose track of your goals. This allows better priority management; create new tasks, check completed items off your list (oh the sweet taste of victory), monitor deadlines, and as always…be on your A game.

Moreover, track messages and keep up with candidate correspondence- no more shuffling of browser tabs to keep your communication flowing.




4) Search Efficiency



New members of the universal header also include a “Search Candidate” option; use keywords or candidate name to quickly search through the database to swiftly find the talent needed. Your index finger and mouse can breathe a sigh of simultaneous relief.


Seeing is believing: Check out Talentera for yourself, enjoy the new enhancements, and witness the improvement in your productivity and user experience. Continuous improvement is our passion- leave a comment below or shoot us an email at [email protected] to share your verdict and/or recommendations. Thank you!