Requisition Management, simplified.

Let automation take care of your requisition process: create requisitions, setup approval lists and track status

Requisition Creation made easy

Line managers can raise requisitions easily using your existing job description templates or recuiters can do it on their behalf. Capture important items like requisition reasons and budget qualification

Leverage a Systematic Approval Workflow

HR Managers can review requisitions and easily assign them to personnel whose approval is mandatory. Approvers are sent notifications and can be sent reminders through the system itself

Track down any Requisition with the Search Tool

Surface requisitions based on various attributes like status, hiring manager, location, division or job title and keep tabs on the health of your requisition pipeline

Comprehensive Requisition History Tracking

Get the full story on each requisition from creation to approval, to ensure process compliance and undersand time taken to finalize a certain requisition. Recruiters can add notes on the requisition log to document activities

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