Stay informed with the new candidate approval request pages!

When a recruiter sends a candidate approval request, he/she might lose track of what is pending, accepted, and rejected without being able to view all of the requests in one place.

Well, not anymore, recruiters  now can view all the candidate approval requests and all of their  statuses in one location using the candidate approval pages:

1. My approval –> to view all requests that are pending the recruiter’s approval as well as the requests that the recruiter has already approved or rejected.

The approval request page will have the following details about each candidate approval:

1- Candidate Name (linked to the CV in the application folder)

2- Job title (linked to the application folder)

3- Requester name

4- Approver name

5- Request date

6- CV stage for the specified job

2. My requests –> to view all requests that are sent by the recruiter along with their status. 

3. Candidate Approvals report → the user should have access to view all candidate approval requests in the system.

How does it work?

1- Go to your dashboard, navigate the system’s main menu of the left, and look for the candidate approval section.

2- To view approvals request that was sent to you in 3 categories ” pending, approved, and rejected by you.

3- To view your issued request go to my request page.

4- Any time you want to check the reports for candidate approval, go to the candidate approval page.


Sending candidate approval experience has not changed, as you can send candidate approvals from:

1- Candidate folder – bulk action

2- Or from CV view, send candidate approval icon , which will open the following modal:



Note that the candidate approval page can be accessed by admin and to a function to give access to sub-users.