Setting the requisition approval date in the custom report is now available!

When generating a custom report for requisitions specifically, recruiters prefer to have the flexibility to choose the date for a certain activity such as the approval dates for requisitions.

In doing so, the different projections of the exported data will lead to different decisions based on the criteria they choose in the first place. And since we believe in empowering our client with a flexible experience when it comes to reporting, we have added the “Requisitions Approvals Dates” field which will result in the exporting of all requisition approval dates by order:

  • Requisition First Approval Date
  • Requisition Second Approval Date
  • Requisition Third Approval Date… and so on.

And finally, we have renamed the “Requisition Approval Date” to “Requisition Last Approval Date”.

How it Works:

  1. Log in to your employer account and go to the reports section in the system’s main navigation menu.
  2. Go to custom reports and add the “Requisition Approval Date” and“Requisition Last Approval Date”. fields
  3. Set your other criteria then download the report 
  4. Check the exported sheet columns to see the different dates that have been exported.