New tracking and reporting capability, with downloaded CV reports.

As part of monitoring applicant processing activities, recruiters and HR managers keep an eye on important details, like CV downloads and log audits This is necessary because the CVs and all of their related processes are part of the organization’s data and falls under its property and ownership laws. To make sure such data won’t be used outside of the organization’s benefit, especially if the employer has a large team that accesses the CV database, is important to keep an eye on some sensitive operations. So we have created new audit log capabilities for the downloaded CVs. The new log will record and show when a CV is downloaded and it has the following filters: 

  1. CV ID
  2. Candidate Name
  3. User name (who downloaded the CV)
  4. Time
  5. download type (doc, pdf or excel)

Note that the CV download action will be tracked and recorded in the following areas: CV search, CV view, CV folder, and job folder, regardless of whether it was a bulk download action or a one by one process. How it works:

  1. Go to admin panel
  2. Search for data and audit section
  3. Open audit log page from the section, check the report filters, and recorded data that was mentioned above, and you are done!