The New Technology Trio Changing The Hiring Landscape

November 6, 2018 by Ammara Zubair


The hiring process has drastically changed over the past few years. Remember the days of paper based CVs, stacks of applications waiting to be reviewed, and no clear solution for shortlisting best talent? Not the fondest of memories for recruiters to visit down the memory lane until technology worked its magic to change hiring strategies all altogether (*insert relief here*).


Offering supercharged productivity, lightening like efficiency, and incredible ease to remain competitive, organizations now have powerful tools to win the war for talent. Months of vacant positions and teams lagging behind deadlines is no longer a challenge; attracting the right employee with the right skill set within the right timelines is absolutely possible.


The range of technology and tools available to find and hire qualified talent is vast. We’ll focus on our three favorite that deliver effective results, save time, cut costs, speed up time-to-hire, and have the highest rate of utilization amongst recruiters. Offering maximum advantages, automation, and visible improvement in day-to-day processes, meet your team of essential recruitment assets:


1) Applicant Tracking Systems:

Commonly referred to as an “ATS“, this is a centralized database that makes sourcing, tracking and managing candidates simple, quick, and collaborative. Adding much needed organization, security, and the ability to take an in depth look at your talent pool to identify relevant skill sets, tasks that once took hours can now be executed in merely minutes.


Working round the clock to amplify employer branding, improve candidate experience, and making job applications very convenient for prospects to submit, this is a technology solution that can transform your hiring and find brilliant future employees all with the click of a button.



2) Video Interviewing:

So you’ve find your future superstar, and can’t wait to have an interview to assess if they’re a good fit for your business needs, corporate culture, and team’s personalities.  New talent acquisition technology has made video interviewing a great tool to truly cut to the chase, and speed up hiring decisions. Saving time and money for interviewing organizations and candidates alike, hiring managers no longer need to rely on phone calls to connect with talent, or pay huge bills to fly in out of city prospects for interviews (and we’re not even adding in the hotel costs yet).


Empowering employers with accessibility, convenience, and affordability, meanwhile making high quality communication even across countries a reality, video interviewing is truly an industry game-changer.


3) Employee Onboarding:

Once you’re done conducting your interview and have reached a conclusion, helping your newly recruited talent with seamless onboarding is extremely important to ensure that all the time you’ve invested in scouting and selection pays off. Enabling organizations to have arrangements in place before the employee’s first date of joining, this technology is known to increase retention, engagement and nurture brand ambassadors to attract the best and brightest of future talent.


Making planning and organizing a breeze- your HR division benefits from automated workflows to ensure everything from payroll formalities, background checks, seating arrangements, and any other equipment that the employee will need are already in place by the time they enter the workspace. Representing an impressive culture, dedication to good employee experience, HR managers can focus more on more experience focused activities instead of cumbersome administrative tasks.



Innovation is constantly working its charm to simplify the most daunting tasks- HR is no exception. From finding best talent, interviewing without the hefty expenses, and onboarding without coordination challenges, this trio is a must-have for any business planning to grow in 2019. With guaranteed benefits to offer, keep on reading to see for yourself how the new technologies entering the hiring landscape are unlocking new avenues of recruitment excellence for organizations just like yours.


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