Implementing Applicant Tracking: Challenges To Gear Up For

November 5, 2018 by Ammara Zubair


Change may be the only constant in life, however that doesn’t always translate into users being excited to see it happen at their workplace. Despite the thorough brainstorming done by companies, it is only natural that there are predictable pain points to be addressed when adopting new technology.


No need to let these obstacles hold you back from pursuing hiring excellence though. With the right game plan, ATS implementation is a milestone you’ll get past in no time. And as always, we’re here to help prepare.


Challenge 1: User Acceptance

Used to conventional hiring practices and workflows, your staff is the first point of focus that surfaces as a challenge when investing in an ATS. Whether accustomed to spreadsheets or manual folders filled with stacks of unmanageable candidate records, helping your employees break free from dated procedures takes priority to ensure successful implementation. 


Fortunately gearing up to overcome this bottleneck is simple- take all steps necessary to ensure that your users understand the technology, its convenience, and how it will make their workload less daunting. To fulfill this objective, consider your ATS provider as a new best friend- one that is willing to hold online/onsite trainings, provide instruction manuals, and provide exemplary end user support.


The more questions your hiring team can get answers for, the higher the likelihood of them being won over by the quick, easy and intuitive perks of the recruitment transformation happening around them.


Challenge 2: Issues with integration

Organizations want swift and seamless ATS implementation, but integration can bring its own roadblocks to the table. For companies with existing hiring systems in place, integrating the ATS to ensure hassle free meshing of the talent databases, communications, and associated candidate documents is pivotal to not lose out on any hiring progress made so far.


Achieving this synergy is yet again a goal that you and your ATS provider need to collaborate on so that your expectations are crystal clear from the get go. Remember, the revamping of hiring procedures is meant to overcome problems associated with the talent acquisition, and not add to it.

This is another reason why detailed research to identify the most credible vendors with the best testimonials (check websites such as Capterra) can help drive precise integration from start to finish.


Challenge 3: Don’t abandon employer branding efforts

An ATS carries undeniable benefits to tap into, but that doesn’t mean that organizations can put their employer branding efforts on the back burner. An exciting, engaging and eye catching brand that works round the clock to attract talent is the foundation of impactful recruitment, even when your recruiters are on a break.


Being able to reach out to a global audience and building an envy worthy talent pipeline that your new hiring solution can help sort, manage and track depends strongly on your employer branding initiatives. Whether you choose to go social, hold recruitment drives, host coffee socials at your office, or make your careers website a content powerhouse- there’s ample reason why 7 out of 10 MENA respondents link employer branding with ease of attracting job seekers.



Challenge 4: Making hiring mobile friendly

Speaking of employer branding, we’re living in the age of all things mobile focused. A lot of businesses make the mistake of adopting an ATS without having a mobile-friendly careers website to deliver a flawless candidate experience.


Your new hiring technology should support mobile; this is a non negotiable edge to ensure that your candidate pool hits the right ROI targets, and helps talent find you on the device that they best rely on to search for jobs. In fact, a recent study concluded that 89% of job seekers think mobile devices play a critical role while job hunting.


All the more reason to help them find your vacancies with ease for the ultimate win-win scenario.


Key Takeaways

Kicking off appropriate planning now to make ATS implementation a future success can help dodge unpleasant surprises. By choosing vendors best known for outstanding user support, helping staff navigate the new technology, and keeping your employer branding strategy ready to impress- you’re already ahead of the learning curve.


Another point to emphasize here is the importance of feedback. Encourage your users to share their comments and ATS struggles openly; spearheading smooth adoption is not an overnight task. By cultivating a culture united in their mission to master the system and all of its superpowers, your employees will feel more genuinely invested in using it to the best of their abilities.


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