Benefits Of Investing In An Applicant Tracking System

November 14, 2018 by Ammara Zubair

Skeptical about how revamping your recruitment strategy could help skyrocket hiring efficiency? Here’s a few reasons why automating repetitive day-to-day tasks, amplifying exposure, and delivering a fantastic candidate experience can help you stand out as an employer-of-choice:


1) Save time & effort with automation:

An ATS is a well-rounded superstar to have as a foundation of your recruitment strategy. Simplifying processes ranging from job postings, candidate communication, collaboration with external recruitment agencies, reporting and tons more, it helps your recruiters focus more on the quality of hiring versus merely chasing quantitative targets.


Taking charge of every nitty gritty detail in the recruitment cycle, it’s no wonder that you’ll never meet an ATS user with an unpleasant verdict to share.


2) Promote your employer brand online:

Your hiring brand is your gateway to accessing the best candidates and building a brilliant first impression amongst audiences. Investing in an ATS that delivers a branded careers page as a one-stop window with simple job application procedures helps grow your candidate pipeline at an unparalleled speed.


Marketing you as a top employer, businesses with a track record of using content such as photo galleries, employee testimonials, company missions/vision, award and honours, and staff incentives are known to achieve high traffic careers pages. Working as a mini-site with easy to update vacancy information, and offering visitors the option to sign up for newsletters, a customized careers page makes it effortless to catch the attention of job seekers, both active and passive.



3) Acquire talent anywhere, anytime:

Securing mobile-friendly visibility online helps expand reach to the 89% of job seekers that believe that mobile devices are their secret ally to execute a successful job hunt. With cell phones practically serving as an extension to human hands nowadays, having a mobile-friendly careers website helps target your always on-the-go talent segment via  their devices. Meanwhile recruiters can use dedicated mobile apps to keep up with their pipelines.


Moreover, the improvement in search rankings and access to analytics identifying best performing talent sources are additional perks that no organization would mind having access to.



4) Create and share shortlists with ease:

Using an ATS to capture CVs streamlines searching, sorting, organization and annotation with a longer lifetime value to keep your candidate databases buzzing with talent. Also, if you’re anticipating multiple vacancies for the same position- a smart ATS saves time by saving searches so recruiters don’t have to start from scratch each time a position opens.


Offering a diverse range of CV search filters, and the ability to retain context of conversations by adding notes etc., raking through your entire prospect database using criterias and keywords of choice simply takes the click of a button (versus an army of recruiters).  


5) Schedule interviews without the back and forth:

Tired of the uphill battle? A well designed ATS allows hiring executives to select available time slots and dispatch personalized email invites to candidates. The preferred slot selected on-a-first-come, first-served basis by the recipient is then synced with the interviewer’s calendar alongside the CV and other related notes.


6) Recruit collaboratively in teams:

Rallying up your troops over email, spreadsheets, in a physical setting, or a call to discuss hiring is a mission easier said than done. An ATS provides much needed transparency with clearly assigned roles, allowing HR assets such as CVs, requisitions, jobs etc. to be managed without redundancy in actions if  a candidate has been contacted in the past.


Enabling centralized CV sharing, and prioritizes task-focused communication to track approvals and accelerate hiring decisions, workflow management is significantly optimized.


7) Make localization your focus:

Easy to customize and set up according to your specific business needs, maintaining localization to match both language and region focused requirements is an area where the right ATS can work its usual wonders. For e.g. your ATS should have the ability to incorporate local legalities in offers using customized offer letters, and allow you to track how many expats you can hire if your region works with quotas via visa grant management modules, etc.



8) Improve HR processes by measuring effectiveness:

Whether you want to discover top talent streams, capture a detailed understanding of your candidate pool, or identify the precise volume of applicants in various stages of your recruitment funnel- all metrics are a click away. This reporting and analytics convenience offered by an ATS is integral to remove bottlenecks that slow down hiring, because what gets measured, always get managed. 



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