The Future of Hiring: Faster Recruitment With Video Interviews

November 5, 2018 by Ammara Zubair


Hiring trends in MENA are always evolving, every year there’s a new bigger and better solution for recruiters to steer improvement in talent acquisition. The current talk of the town is video interviewing technology; with an estimated 7 in 10 HR managers now using video to interview candidates, its impressive role in filling vacancies with more efficiency and precision has become impossible to deny.


Video interviewing has marked its entry as an instrumental player in the world of recruitment solutions, with the future looking increasingly focused on its use. While businesses are busy observing noticeably improved candidate quality, retention, time-to-hire and overall productivity- it’s a trend worth digging deeper into to see how your organization too can benefit from this game changer.


1) Save your time & money:

Securing an edge in terms of faster screening time can help recruiters fill positions with less stress (versus rushing through stacks of CVs in search of a winner). Instead of the typical interviewing cycle involving draining in-person/phone exchanges, scheduling chaos, repetitive screening questions, and hefty travel expenses- video interviewing eliminates these hassles to make mindful recruiting an achievable possibility. 


Time effective, efficient yet insightful, recruiters can assess candidate enthusiasm and competency without adding to their costs, conduct pre hire assessments, and deliver a compelling candidate experience. Allowing hiring managers to truly get to know their prospects on a deeper level versus a phone conversation or a CV based screening, selecting talent with the best potential for job success is no longer the cumbersome exercise it used to be.


2) Collaborate seamlessly:

Hiring best talent is more of a team based effort versus that of a single individual. That being said, it’s not always realistic or feasible to secure availability of a 5 member recruitment panel to interview candidates for an existing opening.


Video interviewing makes collaboration for teams less frustrating, and more results-driven. With approximately 80% of employee turnover linked to faults in the hiring process, video recordings available for viewing at the time most convenient for key decision makers helps them zoom-in better on core attributes without distractions.


This in return leads to higher retention and employee engagement rates- both critical wins to help the company grow without the burden of costly recruitment mistakes.


3) Ease of accessibility for all:

Recruiters tend to find themselves in a tough spot with limited talent availability in their local territories to choose from. Not always proving to be the best match, compromises are made resulting in hiring of mediocre talent adding little value to the organization.


This is why more companies are resorting to the use of video interviewing to enhance their talent pool, and reach an international group of skilled professionals online. Reducing discrimination among varying geographical, gender and even differently abled segments- the inclusiveness this technology is adding to hiring is a refreshing change for job seekers and recruiters alike.


4) Impress your prospects:

Interviews are a two way street; as interested as you are in your candidates leaving you impressed, your talent expects the same from your organization. This is why it’s necessary to revisit your hiring processes, and see if they are truly reflective of the amazing company that you are.


By jazzing up your recruitment style with video interviewing, you can look forward to making a great first impression, and making your mark as a modern, dynamic, and applicant-friendly business dedicated to long term success. Enabling after-hours interviewing, your prospects will be pleased by your flexibility and foresight as an employer into making career progression more convenient for your candidates to pursue.


5) Adding consistency to your interviewing:

When asking multiple individuals the same set of questions time and time again, recruiters can get side tracked and compromise consistency during the interview. By not being able to give all candidates a fair chance to showcase their skills with the same zeal and zest, the interview quality can greatly vary amongst the audience.


This is why video interviewing has been welcomed as a source of relief to standardize the experience, meanwhile adding ease of performance tracking. By being able to identify commonalities amongst top prospects, their qualifications and potential, recruiters can make more well informed decisions without falling victim to the bias of a bad day.



6) Observe body language:

Assessing talent is not just about gathering verbal cues. Body language plays a large role in indicating candidates comfort with communication- their facial expression, overall appearance, and poise under stress can help determine their future as a good cultural fit within the organization.


This is another area of recruitment that video interviewing helps improve; a candidate that is comfortable and presentable during a screening has a higher chance of being able to hold memorable conversations in-person as well.


7) AI Improvements:

With the developments in across the AI (Artificial Intelligence) domain, video interviewing is here to stay as the future of interviewing. Based on facial expressions alone, AI will allow hiring managers to be able to assess the credibility of answers, candidate honesty, and overall capture their mood to share insights on how well they perform under pressure.



It’s easy to see why video interviewing has picked up momentum faster than other recent hiring technologies of its time. Letting employers and candidates function at their own pace without the in-person stressors of schedules, travel costs and unforeseen circumstances, achieving a uniform and relaxed interview experience is a seamless process.


With substantial time and cost savings waiting to be secured, do revisit your talent acquisition strategy to see how video recruitment can help you find the perfect prospects for your vacant positions.


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