Employer Branding: Can An ATS Help Improve Talent Leads?

November 14, 2018 by Ammara Zubair


What is an employer brand?

An employer brand focuses on the people who currently, and potentially, will work there. It is built upon the combined experiences of your human resources serving at the organization. Is your workforce engaged? Do they share a positive perception reflected in great retention rates? What do your employees share about their work culture in their social spaces and amongst peers?


These are just some of the questions that define the power of your employer brand, and what truly differentiates a business that knows how to attract, retain and nurture their talent to deliver exceptional results.


How can an ATS help secure a competitive advantage?

What’s the first place a candidate will look to learn more about you as a company? Where will they get insights on your company culture? Yes, that’s right- they’ll google you online, and they will be visiting your website.

Your business’s reputation plays a key role in attracting brilliant talent, and there’s enough research available to prove this. Your branded career channel is the first impression people will get of you , if it’s not up to mark, you’re likely losing people at the top of the funnel.  A recent study found that only 21% of candidates would apply to a 1-star rated company. Only 1 in 3 (34%) would apply to a 2-star company- now that’s some serious food for thought to dwell on. Sure websites like Glassdoor and Linkedin are good places to promote yourself but ultimately there’s nothing like your own site that provides measurable control and flexibility for you to impress the audiences consistently.

While amplifying employer branding is a mix of any effort ranging from social media marketing, recruitment drives to even CSR initiatives, but adding an ATS to the recipe helps drive hiring at an unprecedented pace. A key tool to building talent engagement and improve candidate experience, here’s other ways this technology works overtime to showcase the employer brand as an industry titan:


1) Providing a customizable career site:

It’s no secret that job seekers turn to company websites for instant answers to their questions. A customized applicant portal spearheads brand consistency and helps form a connection through use of unique logos, fonts and even color schemes.


With additional (and easy to update) content highlighting company’s story, culture, vision, values, perks, workplace galleries, and media mentions, employer branding becomes simple to ace. Currently employees can also voice their opinion and emerge as brand ambassadors and share their fantastic experiences gained by becoming a part of the company.


Specialized marketing content is all the rage today; multimedia has surfaced as your recruitment brand’s side kick, all the reason to use it wisely and strategically for best results.

2) Get personal with automatic notifications:

It’s great to have the convenience of being visible online, but it’s even better to stay connected with your talent even when they’re not actively searching for you. An ATS allows triggered notifications to be setup updating prospects about vacancies, new initiatives, or even their application’s status in the hiring funnel to ensure transparent and regular communication. Making your audience feel special and noticed, this is a strong pillar of your growth strategy to build and maintain for sustainable results.


3) Positive candidate experience:

Thanks to the automated administrative tasks, CV screenings and candidate communications, the time taken to hire is drastically accelerated. 86% of recruiters agree that using an ATS has sped up their hiring process, yet another reason for talent to fall in love with your employer brand!


Companies slow with their shortlisting and hiring decisions are rarely ones to leave their talent pool impressed. Efficient decision making indicates an organizations with the right workflow and priorities in place- a powerful sign of management that is serious about guiding their operations towards the heights of industry success.



It goes without saying that a company’s growth is strongly linked to its ability to attract and retain best talent. Building a strong employer brand job seekers want to associate themselves with needs the right growth strategy, tools, and of course technology to support the endeavor. This is why adding an ATS can help promote company culture, employee satisfaction, and cultivate an honest bond with the audience so talent leads come flowing in your pipelines faster than ever before.


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